Released n98-magerun2 v3.1.0 with brand new Webapi Commands

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We publish a new feature release. The new release adds two new handy commands to your command list.

Webapi Token Generator

If you work with the Magento Webapi you will love that commands. It it now possible to generate a webapi token for a admin-user or a customer with a single command.

command admin:token:create <username>
command customer:token:create <email>

Phar Distribution

As we (the Magerun team) providing support for all officially supported Magento version it’s getting harder to stay compatible. The same problem have you guys, if you try to install the tool as composer dependency.
A possible new solution it the brand new “n98/magerun2-dist” package which installs the pre-build phar as composer dependency. After the installation you can use the phar as vendor/bin/n98-magerun2.

The installation is quit simple:

composer require n98/magerun2-dist

New: #466: Phar dist package (by Thomas Negeli)


We updated the installable versions and the QA build on Travis CI.

Add: #475: Update travis versions (by Christian Münch)
Add: #476: Update versions for installer (by Christian Münch)


Fix: #470: Sales stripped database dump does not exclude EE tables (by Rik Willems)

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From Source Code to Public Availability | · March 29, 2020 at 14:52

[…] will be signed via PGP. Then we upload the new phar file to the download portal and publish a new phar distribution as Composer package. Then we update the website with new version information, create a phive version, invalidate the […]

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