Cache Backend Benchmarking with n98-magerun

cache_benchmarkThis is the start of a series which presents 3rd party n98-magerun modules.

The first one is a module which helps you to benchmark your shop cache system.

It’s a port of a benchmark script by Colin Mollenhour
which was a fork of a symlink cache script by Vinai Kopp.


The installation is really strait forward:


After the installation you should see some new cache commands in your n98-magerun command list.

First run “cache:benchmark:init” which generates cache entries.
The init command can has a lot of paramters.

No panic. The command defines default values for every setting.

After the generation you should see a bash script like “bash var/cachebench/default/” which was
generated by the init command.

Run the shell script an see the your benchmark statistics.
Now you are able to compare different cache backends (change it in your app/etc/local.xml config).

See it in Action


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MageStack with native n98-magerun support


Users of the MageStack Magento Operating System can now easily and quick install n98-magerun.
MageStack supports n98-magerun natively and provides a install shell script.

Further instructions can be found in the blog of Sonnasi Hosting.


Quick Tip: If you only see some question marks…

… this could be a PHP Unicode setting.
Try to turn off detect_unicode in your php.ini.
You can simply try this by running n98-magerun like this:

If question marks are gone the problem is solved.

The PHP issue also affects some popular tools like composer or phpunit.
Settings can be persisted in php.ini or you can create an alias on your system.

Magerun Tips

Add your own check to sys:check command

For two days we published the new n98-magerun version 1.90.0 with a refactored sys:check command.
The command is now modular and all checks are organized in sub-classes.
It’s now possible to add own checks to the command. The blog post shows you how easy it is.

Registration of Check Classes

If you investigate the distribution config of n98-magerun you can see a bunch of new configuration for the command.
The new config node is “checks” which contains the class names of all checks. All classes are organized in check groups.

Check Class Config


Released n98-magerun version 1.90.0

Today we are proud to release a new stable n98-magerun version.
The new release contains some very nifty new features and enhancemnts which make
your live as Magento Developer a lot of easier.


sys:check command got a modular structure

We refactored the sys:check command. All checks were moved into own sub-classes which are
registrated over dist config.
With the new system you are able to add new checks over your config. We will write an additional
blog post addressing the new big feature.