n98-magerun2 v3.0.10 released

One day after the release of n98-magerun1 we publish a bug fix release for n98-magerun2. Changelog Fix: db:dump returns exit code 0 on fail (by Christian Münch) Fix #458 – Password dialog is hidden  

n98-magerun v1.103.0 released

A new release for the Magento 1 version of n98-magerun is available. Changelog Add connection option for db:dump command (by Igor Mursa) New: Removed support for PHP < 5.4 Imp: Hide password in interactive mode (reported by Simon Sprankel) Imp: Phpstorm meta files compatibility for latest PhpStorm (by Sven Reichel) Fix: Updated twig (security) Fix: […]

n98-magerun2 v3.0.9 released

A new bugfix release is in the wild. Changelog 3.0.9 – Fix: #439: Add 2fa tables (by Peter Jaap) – Fix: #453: Fix completely exclude tables with –exclude command (by Arnoud Beekman) – Fix: #459: Update readme – Script command documentation fix (by Hardy Johnson) – Fix: #460: Typo: unkown -> unknown (by Alexander Menk) […]

n98-magerun2 v3.0.7 released

A new compatibility release is published. Please upgrade with “self-update” command if you face Composer Autoloader problems. 3.0.7 Fix for Composer autoloader / Magento 2.2.8 (thanks mystix, Rick Schippers) 3.0.6 Fix #442: Non standard conform strings in config.yaml (by Tom Klingenberg, thanks Paul Canning) 3.0.5 Fix #440: Add phar wrapper for Magento 2.3.1 compatibility (by […]

n98-magerun2 v3.0.4 released

Changelog of the maintenance release: Fix #425: Fixed reindex command syntax (by Simon Sprankel) Fix #428: Unused property (by Leandro F. L.) Fix #432: Add method used by newer symfony version (by AreDubya) Thanks for bug reporting and contribution.

Used PHP Versions

After the official out-of-life of PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 we analysed all n98-magerun1 and n98-magerun2 downloads of the last month. Some interesting facts: The majority of us uses PHP 7.0 (on production or development systems). The PHP 7.2 downloads are growing. PHP 5.6 is still have in use. Top 10 by Main PHP Versions […]

V3.0.2 Bugfix Release

A new bugfix release is available. The release contains important fixes. Changelog 3.0.2 Fix: #299 config:get, fix –scope-id=0 filtering (by Jürgen Thelen) Fix: #308: cache:clean, add handling of invalid cache types (by Jürgen Thelen) Fix: #417: Prevent fatal error during Magento Init Fix: #414: Hide typed password in password change dialog 3.0.1 Fix: #413: sample:deploy […]

V3.0.0 released with Magento 2.3 support

We released a new major version of n98-magerun2. Why a new major version? We dropped the official support for Magento 2.0 which is already end of life. We also decided to drop support for PHP 5.6 which will also be end of life to the end of the year. More informations can be found in […]