Magerun 2.0 is alive!

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If you missed it: V2 of n98-magerun dedicated for Magento 2 is here!
We deployed it on November 11 before an exclusive “Stammtisch” after the official Magento 2 release.
As you can imagine we had to fix several issues after the official Magento 2 launch one day before.


Released n98-magerun version 1.97.8

If you’re in the mood: A little cadeaux surprise for under the Christmas tree. Magerun for the legacy Magento 1 is available in a new maintenance and stability release.

Here the listing from the change-log (incl. change from non-announced 1.97.7 release):

  • #727 Fix sys:cron:list cron expression display (by Robbie Averill)
  • #736 Fix missing Admin store in dev:template-hints (by Steve Robbins)
  • #733 Fix extenions:search display (by EmPeWe)
  • #732 Fix DB:console unknown variable (reported by robinero)
  • #729 Fix YAML::parse input type (by Dane MacMillan)
  • #724 Add missing versions from magento-mirror (by Fabrizio Branca)
  • #722 Magento downloads are no longer working from (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • #720 Add Info notice if dev:class:lookup returns a non-existent class (by Robbie Averill)
  • Improve installer magento version switch argument parsing (by Tom Klingenberg)

So keep on reporting if you run into any issues. We changed the updater to HTTPS. Additionally now the PHAR file in Magerun 1 has streamlined timestamps to the last commit thanks to the PHAR Utils library from Jordi Boggiano.