Magerun Tips

Quick Tip: Run multiple specific indexers

To reindex all indexers we have the index:reindex:all command.
In some cases it’s only needed to reindex only some indexers.

Since version 1.75.0 you can specify the indexer by code if you run pass index codes direct as argument:

Magerun Tips

Tip: Use aliases to quick reference Magento XML config

Magento’s merged XML config is very huge but not all parts must be referenced during development. Some parts are really important for debugging.
To do this smart n98-magerun offers the “config:dump” command which prints all the merged XML config at once.
As second parameter you can add an XQuery like argument.

Magerun Tips

Tip: Create a Console Helper

Since version 1.77.0 we provide an easy registration of console helpers.
Console Helpers are way to share functionality with other commands.

I will show you how easy it is to create such a helper.
Out example helper will return the current system time.

Create a new module

Create a new folder in your home directory with the name “.n98-magerun/modules/example-module”.


Released Version 1.78.0

We deployed a new stable n98-magerun version with some internal changes which are great if you are developing custom database driven commands.
The new version contains also some minor features and uncritical bugfixes.

New Database Helper

In some cases it’s useful to run commands directly on your database. In the past it was usual to extend the class AbstractDatabaseCommand and call methods like _getConnection which returns a PDO Object.

We now ported all methods of this abstract class to a new console helper which can be called in command context.
It’s very easy to use the database functions.


Magerun Tips Videos

PhpStorm Symfony Console Tool Support – Configure n98-magerun

The video shows you how easy it is to embedd n98-magerun in PhpStorm.
Please download latest EAP Version.


Use n98-magerun Script Repository

Since some releases we support script. Scripts are like batch files which can be executed and reused in all your local Magento installations. For everyone who is not fimilar with n98-magerun script I gave a little instruction how the scripts can be created.

My first n98-magerun script

Scripts can do three things…

  1. Register variables
  2. Run shell commands
  3. Run n98-magerun commands

Support for Events in n98-magerun

In version 1.77.0 we added the Symfony EventManager compontent to n98-magerun.
The event manager let you hook in the core commands.

Currently there are three core events which are available:

console.command – Before a command runs

console.terminate – After a command execution

console.exception – If a command stops with an exception


New big n98-magerun release – 1.77.0

After many hours of work we release version 1.77.0.
The new release contains a ton of new features and code refactorings.

Here some details: