New big n98-magerun release – 1.77.0

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After many hours of work we release version 1.77.0.
The new release contains a ton of new features and code refactorings.

Here some details:

New script repository

We now have a home for all your n98-magerun script commands.
Create a new folder ~/.n98-magerun/scripts and move your scripts with the extension
.magerun in this folder.

Now you can run script:repo:list and you should see a list of your scripts.
Scripts can be started with script:repo:run command.
We will provide an extra post in this blog which will provide more deep informations about
the scripts.

Internal composer support

n98-magerun ships composer since a long time.
Now you can run the mains composer commands directly from n98-magerun if you don’t have composer on your system.
We added a new command group “composer”.

The group contains this commands:

  • composer:init
  • composer:install
  • composer:require
  • composer:update
  • composer:validate
  • composer:search
  • composer:diagnose

Helper Registration

We moved the manual helper registration to the dist config. This offers
you to register your own console helpers in i.e. your n98-magerun modules.

Command Registration

Like helpers we moved the registration of the core command in the distibution config.
New commands can be registrated by a config.
This offers the additional feature to overwrite core commands in an own module.

Enhanced Magento Folder Detection

We have re-worked the folder detection. It now checks additionally if there are folders
like “htdocs”. If we find any of the folder names we try to detect Magento inside it.

The current folder names are:

  • web
  • www
  • htdocs
  • public
  • pub
  • webroot
  • web-root
  • wwwroot

If your folder name is missing you can extend the config node in your personal config.

Enhanced Scripts

We added two additional script variables:

  • ${script.dir} -> Folder of a script
  • ${script.file} -> The script filename

Support for Symfony Event

You can now use the Symfony Events. More details will come in an additional post.

Updated Symfony, Composer dependencies

We updated all dependencies to have the newest versions of all 3rd party libs.

Have fun with new n98-magerun version!

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Christian Münch · September 2, 2013 at 15:05

We got some requests about problems in PHP 5.3. I decided to rollback the current relase. We will work on a solution to bring you back the new features.

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