Customize database dump for development

Sometimes it’s useful to dump a production database and import them on a local developer workstation.
In this case we have some issue to solve.

Legal Issues

A production database contains many critical privacy data like customer addresses, email, hashed password, orders
which can produce big trouble if a hacker or someone can access it.
For a development workstation it’s a good advice to exclude the data. In most cases a developer needs no customer data
to create a new module.

Log data

Magento produces many log data. Some tables grow up and can contain many millions of records.
An import of a database could run up to hours. This is unpractical and unwanted for development.

n98-magerun strip option

n98-magerun can help you. The database command comes with a handy strip option.
If you run n98-magerun with –help option you can see this: