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n98-magerun2 v7.4.0

We are excited to announce the release of n98-magerun2 version 7.4.0, packed with new features and improvements that continue to enhance your Magento development and management experience. This release brings new commands, supports additional Magento versions, and updates crucial dependencies to keep your toolkit robust and reliable. What’s New in Read more…

New release 1.85.0 is ready for download

We wish you all a successful and productive year 2014. The current release adds new awesome features to n98-magerun.

What’s new?

Running Setup Resource Scripts Incrementally

This a great new feature by Alan Storm. If you are creating setup scripts as developer you must be sure that all your scripts
are executed in correct order.
The new commands brings you incremental execution of all setup script. This features is also a very handy if you update
a shop to a new Magento version. Now you can see what’s up on your database during a setup script run.
Please note that this feature is still experimental. Please let us know if you discover any problem.