New release 1.85.0 is ready for download

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We wish you all a successful and productive year 2014. The current release adds new awesome features to n98-magerun.

What’s new?

Running Setup Resource Scripts Incrementally

This a great new feature by Alan Storm. If you are creating setup scripts as developer you must be sure that all your scripts
are executed in correct order.
The new commands brings you incremental execution of all setup script. This features is also a very handy if you update
a shop to a new Magento version. Now you can see what’s up on your database during a setup script run.
Please note that this feature is still experimental. Please let us know if you discover any problem.

For further and more detailed information you can read Alan Storms blog post.

There is also a screencast of the feature:

  • Issue #274 Running Setup Resource Scripts Incrementally (by Alan Storm)

Output data in CSV, XML or JSON

For all commands based on Symfony Table Helper we added support to output the data in CSV, XML or JSON instead
of an ASCII Table. This is very useful if you want to pass the results of a n98-magerun command to other tools like
a Jenkins Server, Deployment System or only in a file for documentation.

All commands supporting this feature got a new option --format.


$> n98-magerun.phar config:get "web/*" --format=json

This will print data of config settings as JSON object.


$> n98-magerun.phar config:get "customer:list" --format=csv > my_customers.csv

Dumps all your customers in a CSV file “my_customers.csv”.

  • Issue #18 New –format parameter to print data of tables in CSV, XML or JSON (for table helper based commands)

script:repo:run and error handling

The script and script:repo:run command got a new option --stop-on-error.
If any error occures inside the script it stops now execution.

  • Issue #270 script:repo:run and error handling (by Cyrill Schumacher)

Allow directory as argument for db:dump

It’s now possible to specify a directory instead of an output path.

  • Issue #273 Allow directory as argument for db:dump (by Rick Kuipers)

After magerun install I always see the Magento Installation Wizard

Some users reported us problems after an successful install of Magerun.
It was difficult to debug any of the problem.
We solved this issues by adding some more checks before any installation process.
In some cases the called Magento install.php throwed an exception which was not recognized by n98-magerun.
We now stop the installation process and print the error message. Additionally we check the PHP environment
agains the minimal requirements (PHP modules like mcrypt).

  • Issue #278 After magerun install I always see the Magento Installation Wizard

Add Database port option

If you run your MySQL database on a different port you can now add the --dbPort option to install command.

  • Issue #289 Add Database port option (by Aydin Hassan)

Minor fixes

  • Issue #279 Updated documentation to include a few undocumented parameters to config:get (by Tegan Snyder)
  • Issue #282 Global variable or function should never be used
  • Issue #284 Magento folder could not be detected – When using –noDownload (by Aydin Hassan)
  • Issue #285 Uninstall force bug (by Aydin Hassan)

Updated dependencies

We updated Composer, Symfony and Faker library.

I hope you enjoy the new features.
Happy coding!

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