n98-magerun2 v4.7.0 released

Published by Christian Münch on

v4.7.0 (M2)

We are on fire! A new n98-magerun2 release is in the wild. With this release we honor our contributors in Ingelheim (a city in Germany).

db:dump –strip=”@development” fix!

The new release contains a solution for a problem where a stripped DB dump can lead into a problem with missing authorization data which blocks the creation of admin users. The problem is now automatically handled if you use the db:import command.
If you already imported a dump and face this issue, then the new command db:add-default-authorization-entries can fix it, too


  • New: Command db:add-default-authorization-entries (by Christian Münch)
  • Imp: Add handling for missing authorization rule/role in db:import (by Christian Münch, Alexander Menk)
  • Add: Add table authorization_role to table group @admin (by hannes011)


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