Quick Tip: Run multiple specific indexers

Published by Christian Münch on

To reindex all indexers we have the index:reindex:all command.
In some cases it’s only needed to reindex only some indexers.

Since version 1.75.0 you can specify the indexer by code if you run pass index codes direct as argument:

$ n98-magerun.phar index:reindex catalog_product_attribute,tag_summary

If you don’t know the indexer code or if you are lazy you can run the index:reindex command without any argument.
If the index prompt asks you to select an indexer you can enter multiple indexer numbers seperated by a comma.


[1]  catalog_product_attribute                (last runtime: 0)
[2]  catalog_product_price                    (last runtime: 0)
[3]  catalog_url                              (last runtime: 0)
[4]  catalog_product_flat                     (last runtime: 4s)
[5]  catalog_category_flat                    (last runtime: 0)
[6]  catalog_category_product                 (last runtime: 0)
[7]  catalogsearch_fulltext                   (last runtime: 1s)
[8]  cataloginventory_stock                   (last runtime: 0)
[9]  catalogpermissions                       (last runtime: 0)
[10] targetrule                               (last runtime: 0)
Please select a indexer:1,7

This would start reindexing for “catalog_product_attribute” and “catalogsearch_fulltext”.

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