Released n98-magerun version 1.90.0

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Today we are proud to release a new stable n98-magerun version.
The new release contains some very nifty new features and enhancemnts which make
your live as Magento Developer a lot of easier.


sys:check command got a modular structure

We refactored the sys:check command. All checks were moved into own sub-classes which are
registrated over dist config.
With the new system you are able to add new checks over your config. We will write an additional
blog post addressing the new big feature.


Another new feature is that you can print the output of the sys:check command also in XML, JSON or in CSV format.

Try this:

$> n98-magerun.phar sys:check --format=csv

More debug messages

If you start n98-magerun with -vvv option you will see a more detailed debug output.
We now print all pathes of merged plugin configs and show you the folders in which we try
to detect your Magento instance.

$> n98-magerun.phar -vvv

Magento Connect Validation

Alan Storm added a new command to validate a Magento connect based installation.
A complete description of the new feature can be found in Alan’s Blog.

  • #343 Adds Command for External Magento Connect Validation (by Alan Storm)

DB Related Changes

We got multiple pull requests for DB related operations.
Alexandr added basic table prefixe support for the db:dump command if strip option is used.
Fabrizio added support to drop tables instead of a complete database if database your must not have drop permissions (new option--tables).
A very similar feature is drop table support during db:import which was added by Melvyn with a new option --drop-tables.

  • #293 Some support magento table prefix Issue (by Alexandr Vronskiy)
  • #338 db:drop should have an option to drop all tables instead of dropping the database (by Fabrizio Branca)
  • #355 Implement drop support for db:import (by Melvyn Sopacua)

Added encryption key to local-config:generate command

You can now optionally specify the encryption key as argument if you automatic generate your local.xml config file
with n98-magerun.

  • #348 Add encryption key to generate command (by Kristof Fooman)

Enhanced sys:setup:compare-versions command

Aydin Hassan refactored the output of the command. It now takes advantage of table helper which enables the output
in different formats (XML, JSON, CSV).


$> n98-magerun.phar sys:setup:compare-versions --format=csv 

There is also a new option to dump the output in a junit file.


$> n98-magerun.phar sys:setup:compare-versions --log-junit=test.xml
  • #349 sys:setup:compare-versions minor mods (by Aydin Hassan)
  • Added –log-junit option to sys:setup:compare-versions command (by Christian Münch)

Removed attribute command

Aydin added a new command eav:attribute:remove.


$> n98-magerun.phar eav:attribute:remove catalog_product color
  • #350 New command to remove attributes (by Aydin Hassan)

Support for complex and different project structures

If you use an alternative project layout for your Magento system i.e. if you seperate your own modules
from shop source code you can have the problem that you must change the current working directory
to the shop root.

We now added a new feature to tell n98-magerun where your shop root exists.
This can be done by adding a new file .n98-magerun to your project root.
The file must contain a relative path from this file to your Magento root.


├── .n98-magerun
├── modules
│   ├── module-1
│   ├── module-2
│   └── module-n
└── www

Content of .n98-magerun file:


In this case n98-magerun can initialize the “www” directory as Magento root also if you are inside of the packages directory in your shell.


We fixed a typo and a very stragen bug if a module overwrites the Magento autoloader.

  • #346 Fix for “extension on GitHub” markdown. (by Andrea De Pirro)
  • #354 Restore autoloaders after loading Magento (by Maarten van Schaik and Melvyn Sopacua)


  • Updated 3rd party components (Symfony, Faker, PHPUnit)


$> n98-magerun.phar self-update


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