n98-magerun2 v4.4.0

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A new feature release (Codename Utrecht) is available. It contains improvements, fixes and one new command.

Most of the changes are related to db:import and db:dump commands which get some new options.

New is a command to toggle CMS blocks.

For QA we migrated the Travis CI build to Github Actions (Thanks to Travis-CI for alle the years where we was able to use your servers).


  • New: #482: Add a command to change the admin user status (by Melvin Versluijs)
  • New: #595: Command to toggle the CMS block status (by Melvin Versluijs)
  • New: #662: Github Actions QA Workflow (by Christian Münch)
  • Fix: #653: Order of import statements in the Setup classes generated by dev:module:create (by Aad Mathijssen)
  • Add: #628: –set-gtid-purged-off option for db:dump command (by Luke Rodgers)
  • Add: #654: –add-strict-types option for dev:module:create command (by Aad Mathijssen)
  • Add: #661: Magento 2.4.1 Open Source (by Christian Münch)
  • Add: #665: –include option for db:dump command (by Hannes Drittler)
  • Add: #666: –force option for db:import command (by Luke Rodgers)
  • Fix: #651: Fix PSR-12-violation in the registration.php file generated by dev:module:create (by Aad Mathijssen)
  • Fix: #631: Correct grammar on db:dump help text (by Dan Wallis)
  • Imp: Updated Symfony dependencies (Dependabot)
  • Imp: Updated psysh dependency (Dependabot)
  • Imp: Updated phpunit dependencies (Dependabot)
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