Released n98-magerun version 1.90.0

Today we are proud to release a new stable n98-magerun version.
The new release contains some very nifty new features and enhancemnts which make
your live as Magento Developer a lot of easier.


sys:check command got a modular structure

We refactored the sys:check command. All checks were moved into own sub-classes which are
registrated over dist config.
With the new system you are able to add new checks over your config. We will write an additional
blog post addressing the new big feature.



Released version 1.88.0

After some weeks of testing we deployed version 1.88.0 of n98-magerun.
The new release contains three new commands and some bugfixes and (special) enhancements.

New Translation Commands

Alexander Menk created a the new dev:translate:export command.
If you have translated content in core_translate table (generated by Magento Inline Translation feature)
you can now export the content with ease.


n98-magerun.phar dev:translate:export en_US translation_en.csv

This exports the data of locale en_US to file translation_en.csv.
If you have different translations for a locale in a specific store you can add the --store option to
limit the selection.

Released version 1.87.0

It’s the third release in 2014. The new release contains two new commands, some typo fixes and complete reworked bash completion script.

Bash Completion reworked

A often requested feature was a working bash completion script.
Thanks to Allard Hoeve from Byte Internet who created a new whole new bash completion
The new script can be found here:

  • #294, #300, #301 New bash completion script (by Allard Hoeve)


New release 1.85.0 is ready for download

We wish you all a successful and productive year 2014. The current release adds new awesome features to n98-magerun.

What’s new?

Running Setup Resource Scripts Incrementally

This a great new feature by Alan Storm. If you are creating setup scripts as developer you must be sure that all your scripts
are executed in correct order.
The new commands brings you incremental execution of all setup script. This features is also a very handy if you update
a shop to a new Magento version. Now you can see what’s up on your database during a setup script run.
Please note that this feature is still experimental. Please let us know if you discover any problem.

Released version 1.84.0 with many new cache related features

Hello n98-magerun users!

We are proud to release the last major release of our tool to the end of the year.

Here are some statistics of a productive year:

This statistic shows us, that we are on the right way to establish n98-magerun as industry standard.

Kudos to all developers for the time, experience, energy, suggestions, improvements and code you spent.#

Now to the new features of the 1.84.0 release…