Add your own check to sys:check command

For two days we published the new n98-magerun version 1.90.0 with a refactored sys:check command.
The command is now modular and all checks are organized in sub-classes.
It’s now possible to add own checks to the command. The blog post shows you how easy it is.

Registration of Check Classes

If you investigate the distribution config of n98-magerun you can see a bunch of new configuration for the command.
The new config node is “checks” which contains the class names of all checks. All classes are organized in check groups.

Check Class Config

Released n98-magerun version 1.90.0

Today we are proud to release a new stable n98-magerun version.
The new release contains some very nifty new features and enhancemnts which make
your live as Magento Developer a lot of easier.


sys:check command got a modular structure

We refactored the sys:check command. All checks were moved into own sub-classes which are
registrated over dist config.
With the new system you are able to add new checks over your config. We will write an additional
blog post addressing the new big feature.



Released version 1.88.0

After some weeks of testing we deployed version 1.88.0 of n98-magerun.
The new release contains three new commands and some bugfixes and (special) enhancements.

New Translation Commands

Alexander Menk created a the new dev:translate:export command.
If you have translated content in core_translate table (generated by Magento Inline Translation feature)
you can now export the content with ease.


n98-magerun.phar dev:translate:export en_US translation_en.csv

This exports the data of locale en_US to file translation_en.csv.
If you have different translations for a locale in a specific store you can add the --store option to
limit the selection.