n98-magerun2 version 1.3.1 is out

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Recent Magento 2 releases and the longer list of fixes demanded a new stable release of Magerun 2.

Jürgen Thelen kindly ported the admin:notifications and design:demo-notice commands, so each time you see the COW warning in the backend there is a relief now. So a warm welcome to Jürgen, we still have PRs from him in the pipe.

More dedicate cron control is available with sys:cron:schedule. Thanks to Pieter Hoste not only for his contributions to Magerun but also for his good work keeping track of Magento 2 upstream issue progress which is easy to get lost with. I really appreciate it, it’s always good to have some feedback when working with the rough edges we see day-to-day with Magento 2.

There is even more. A longer list of fixes (we keep them at the top of the change log), if you run into an issue, file it on Github. Also if you’re interested, grab an issue from the list – preferable one of the bugs – and give it a little love.

The config:set and config:get commands now support NULL values, this was a missing link for more special configuration requirements. Support has been backported to Magerun 1 as well (it’s in current stable 1.97.28, no release announcement yet).

Recent changes to the phar build have established reproducible builds. This means, that the same revision of the code-base will create the same phar file. This is a huge security and integration improvement as the checksum of the phar file won’t change when the file is re-build. For Magerun this is since this version 1.3.1 (1.97.28 for Magerun 1). So to all brew users: Even if we change the build system on magerun.net, from now on the hashes of the versioned releases won’t change any longer.

For bash lovers we now have a static completion file in the res/autocompletion folder, you can find more information in the added Autocompletion section in the readme. This feature was earlier available in Magerun 1 and we have streamlined it between both editions. With static autocompletion you will see a faster response and auto-completion for parameters is available, too.

Downloads are available as usual on files.magerun.net, direct link to this release: n98-magerun2-1.3.1.phar.

Happy developing and run the Magerun.

Extract from Changelog.md

  • Fix: Install command using wrong php binary and eating installer errors (report by David Lambauer, fix by Tom Klingenberg, #267)
  • Fix: Minor PHP version for Magento 2 extensions (by Alexander Turiak, #269)
  • Fix: Magento object manager usage in production mode (by Tom Klingenberg, #241)
  • Fix: Support for db-setting arrays (e.g. driver_options) (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • Fix: Class names in data setup twig template (by Jurgisl, #262)
  • Fix: Regex in VariablesCommandTest (by Jürgen Thelen, #255)
  • Imp: Build phar reproduceable and from dev requirements (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • Imp: Support NULL values in config:set and config:get (by Tom Klingenberg, #208)
  • Imp: Better handle incomplete Magento 2 installments (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • Imp: Dispatch adminhtml_cache_flush_all with cache:flush (report by Viktor Steinwand, #263)
  • New: Compilation of the bash autocomplete-file (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • New: Add current Magento2 versions (thanks Pieter Hoste, #270)
  • New: Add current Magento2 versions (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • New: Add sys:cron:schedule command (by Pieter Hoste, #257)
  • New: Port of design:demo-notice command (by Jürgen Thelen, #69)
  • New: Build with PHP 7.1 for some jobs (by Tom Klingenberg, #256)
  • New: Port of admin:notifications command (by Jürgen Thelen, #29)


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