Big New n98-magerun2 v1.2

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We are happy to announce the global availability of n98-magerun2 v1.2.

The new release contains a ton of new features and improvements of which we’d like to highlight the following:

Make your Magento2 Development Run Again

Magerun now ships with the first stable incarnation of code-generators. While others are still reading devdocs having a hard time creating boiler-plate code, N98-Magerun gives this beast the spikes. So before you loose your Magerun charge from Magento 1 development when switching to two, consider this new release and give it a try. This is a great addition both in size and functionality, all what is missing is your feedback to make it shine.

You find these in the dev:console command. I’m pretty sure Christian Münch will provide some more details on this new interactive tool when you meet him around the one or other conference. As first seen on Imagine 2016 (? wasn’t it Las Vegas?).

More for the Magento 2 Developers

We also put attention to details with this release. For example there is a new command which allows you to automatically downgrade data and db versions when you develop Magento 2 modules. It’s name is sys:setup:downgrade-versions and it will automatically downgrade those versions which are ahead of time. This command in combination with setup:upgrade and editing your module.xml file /config/module/@setup_version allows you to quickly test your upgrade scripts as well.

Extract from

  • Fix: Fatal error in Phpstorm .idea folder detection for path in dev:urn-catalog:generate (by Tom Klingenberg, #233)
  • Fix: Wrong template-hints config value (by Tommy Pyatt, #230)
  • Fix: Broken scope-id detection (by Christian Münch)
  • Imp: Pass along return value in db:query command (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • Imp: Version constraints for Symfony console and Magento 2.1 (report by Pieter Hoste, #234)
  • New: Add sys:setup:downgrade-versions command (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • New: Add customer:create command (by Christian Münch, #54)
  • New: Add code generator features to dev:console command (by Christian Münch)

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Pieter · August 29, 2016 at 14:48

I think the title should say v1.2 and not v2.1 😉

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