n98-magerun2 version 1.1.7 is out

Published by Tom Klingenberg on

This is just a quick notice about the immediate release of N98-Magerun2 which updates the installer for the latest and greatest Magerun 2 Community Edition 2.0.5.

You can learn more about the updates of Magento itself in the Magento CE 2.0.5 Release Notes.

Next to that it ships with some fixes and maintenance updates to keep things fresh.

We also followed suit to stabilize composer after it went gold in the beginning of April.

Composer goes Gold: The great Composer 1.0.0 release which also marks its 5th anniversary

After its initial 1.0.0 release we can now require it in a stable manner following semantic versioning. Reminds me now to add some checks before pushing out a release – or now then afterwards:

$ composer update composer/composer

We also keep upstream projects like composer in the loop when we run over a Magerun 2 or Magento 2 induced issue. As some of you have already noticed, there were some patches in the latest Composer version that now allow Satis to archive Magento 2 zip (and a few days later tar) packages. This shows again how Magento 2 developers can more and more benefit from using and contributing to Magerun 2 as it’s part of a greater eco-system.

I hopefully can blog about some development changes soon, this will include combined development between Magerun 1 + 2 and another topic will be on how to locally have a development version of Magerun fully integrated with a Magento version incl. tests and building the phar file.

So keep on running Magerun and thanks for all the your feedback and contributions.


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