Magerun Feature Release 100!

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Yes, you read right. We published our 100. release containing new features!
After the first release on 1. August 2012 we constantly published new commands, improvements and bugfixes for you – the Magento Community.

With a very small set of commands we started this project.

Today we ship 124 commands within the n98-magerun.phar file. The file size of the n98-magerun.phar file grows from ~127 KByte to 4,6 MByte.
The first release was not extendable. No module or plugin system was available. Today we have a log of agencies, hosting companies which are very happy with programming interface. An incomplete list of 3rd party extensions related to n98-magerun can be found in the Github Wiki.

Release Notes – Version 1.100.0

• New: db:dump – allow arbitrary mysqldump options (by Brice Burgess, #945)
• strip admin tables (by Max Chadwick, #946)
• New: Add cms:block:list command (by Luke Rodgers, #948)
• New: Add current Magento version (by Simon Sprankel, #951)
• New: config for pre-commit framework (by Christian Münch)
• Fix: Codecov settings (by Christian Münch)
• Imp: Add yaml quoting (by Tom Klingenberg)

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