Released version 1.86.0

Release 1.86.0 is ready. The new version contains some bugfixes and a new command.

New db:maintain:check-tables Command

We added a new command to maintain the database. The command checks the MySQL Database for errors.
The result table can be returned as XML, CSV and JSON with format option.
If no option is specified the command shows a progressbar and a ASCII table with all results.

The MySQL Check support multiple check types:

  • FAST

The default check type is “MEDIUM” which means:
To see a complete description of all types call the command with --help option.
The checks are done by “CHECK TABLES” sql command.


  • #288 Install command with –noDownload options fails if database exists
  • #290 Add force use database option for when installing with –noDownload (by Aydin Hassan)


  • #287 db:console closes connection on AWS
  • #295 Fixed typo in config.yaml (by Andrea De Pirro)
  • #296 loadXML must be called AFTER preserveWhiteSpace (by Volker Thiel)
  • #297 [Insight] Missing use statement should be avoided

Have fun!