Released version 1.82.0

We released version 1.82.0 of n98-magerun. If you are wondering about the long time between the last release
and the new one i will give you some informations about the release cycle.
Since the last year, many people decided to use n98-magerun in backup, deployment and development processes.
To give this people a little bit more stability we decided to reduce the number of major releases.

The new claim is: Stability over Features

We only accept pull requests for develop branch. All changes will be investigated by our team.
It would be perfect if you send us a pull request for a new feature with a PHPUnit test.
You can find really good introductions in Alan Storms blog.

Let’s see what has been changed:

sys:check command configuration

We moved some hard coded configs of the sys:check command into bundled dist config.
This enables you to add own dependencies.
The command provides checks for missing files and foders, php extensions, byte code caches.

If you use i.e. redis in your project and wan’t to check if redis module is installed you
can add the following config in app/etc/n98-magerun.yaml file in your Magento project.

If you run sys:check command n98-magrun will check if redis module is loaded on cli.

New –noDownload option in install command

Thanks to Manuele Menozzi who provides this new feature. You can now run the install command without any download.
This is useful if you like to run the installer on a already existing code base which were i.e. cloned from a git repository.

Changed Magento detection (for future Magento 2 support)

We simplified the Magento detection. We also added unit tests to check if detection works well.
If you install n98-magerun by composer you will find a new package “vfsStream” which is used to do checks in virtual filesystem.
The check for Magento 2 has changed. Please note that n98-magerun is currently not compatible with latest Magento 2 release.
We prepared the source code to support Magento 2 in a future version of n98-magerun.

Updated 3rd party dependencies

  • Symfony components are update to version 2.3.7
  • Updated embedded Composer packages


  • config:set fix –encrypt input option (Thanks to Robert Coleman)
  • Issue #250 – Removed “Rewrite/ConflictsCommandTest.php” which cause problems on windows platform. (Thanks to Bastian Ike)