Released version 1.83.0

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The year is coming to an end. This didn’t stops us to deploy a new n98-magerun release for the world.

These are the changes and fixes:

New skip config option for better security

We added a new global option --skip-config to prevent loading and parsing any custom config.
This is useful to run n98-magerun in a safe environment.
If you set this flag all external config (system, user, modules) are not loaded.

db:info improved

A pull request by Melvyn Sopacua was merged. It’s now possible to print database informations
with the db:info command. You can specify all keys of the “Name” column which is printed out
by command if you run it without any argument.

Currently this keys are supported:

  • host
  • username
  • password
  • dbname
  • initStatements
  • model
  • type
  • pdoType
  • active
  • prefix
  • PDO-Connection-String
  • JDBC-Connection-String
  • MySQL-Cli-String


n98-magerun.phar db:info PDO-Connection-String

This will output the PDO Connection String like this:


With this new feature it’s possible to pipe the output to any other unix command.

Issue #251

New @search group for db:dump command

We added a new group “@search” which is shortcut for all search related tables.
If you don’t like to dump the catalogsearch_fulltext table you can add @search as new
strip option.

Issue #196

Human readable db:log:size

The db:log:size command got a new option --human to display the size of a log
not only in byte.
Feature was proposed by Alan Storm.

Issue #124

Updated dependencies (PHPUnit, Composer, Twig, JUnit-XML)

As in every release we updated the 3rd party dependencies to be up to date.


  • Issue #255 ConfigurationLoader::loadPluginConfig() Bug? (Thanks to Cyrill Schumacher)
  • Issue #257 Configuration value decryption fails when using Enterprise Edition (by @aedmonds)

If you have any issues let us know about it. We hope you appreciate the release.

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