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It’s Day of German Unity, but this didn’t stopped us to publish a new magerun release for you.
The new release added some really useful options to some commands.

Let’s see what has changed…

Added –all option to config:delete command

With the new –all option you can remove all store config entries in core_config_data table by path at once.
This is really cool if you like to set a default value and there are many store view specific value which should be overwritten.
Now you can delete all entries and set the new value.


$ n98-magerun.phar config:delete --all web/unscure/base_url
$ n98-magerun.phar config:set web/unscure/base_url ""

Added –magerun-script option to config:get command

This option will change the output of the config:get command.
It prints all config values as “config:set” command. This can you help to move config data
from one to another server or to add many config values to a magerun script.

If you like to dump all data you can do it by passing “*” as path.

$ n98-magerun.phar config:get "*"

Added –scope option to config:set command

Added missing –scope option to be fully compatible with config:get command.

Added support for multiline config:set values

Now you can set multi line values in config:set command. Replace line break with a simple \n.


$ config:set "general/store_information/address" "First line\nSecond line\nThird line"

Added new –define option to script command

We fixed a bug in variable initialization and added support to specify a variable from outside of the script.
So it’s easy to use scripts during deployment or continuous integrarion process.


$ n98-magerun.phar script -d foo=bar myscript.magerun

This will create the variable foo. The variable can be used as ${foo} inside the script.

Symfony component update

We updated the Symfony components to version 2.3.5


  • Fixed broken db:create command
  • Fixed variable initialization in script command.
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Frederik Krautwald · October 12, 2013 at 02:30

I just got to know about this tool yesterday. Is it possible to run php n98-magerun.phar install myinstall-script, i.e., taking a script file as argument, in which I configure my magento installation?

    Christian Münch · October 12, 2013 at 15:24

    You can use the “script” command. Inside a n98-magerun script you can call the install command with parameters. It’s also possible to call the install command from a shell script. If you like to see all parameters of the install command you can call it with –help option.

    php n98-magerun.phar install –help

    Store config settings can be set after installation with “config:set” command.

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