Released n98-magerun version 1.97.0

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A new version of n98-magerun spreads the world. This release focus software refactorings.
To check the improvements we added our project to scrutinizer.


As you can see in the list out team and the community did a lot of work during the last weeks.


The release contains also some functionality improvements like a correcred cookie domain check in sys:check command or checksums for installer download sources.

One big advantage for command developers is the new “soft init” mode. Some commands need only the Magento autoloading and not a fully initialized store.
A new parameter “$soft” was added to initMagento method.

Example command code:

$this->initMagento(); // bootstrap Magento framework -> like Mage::app()

$this->initMagento(true); // only init autoloading

Magento CE

The official Magento CE is currently not available as simple download. You need to login at to download the source code.
So we are not able to provide you an official download.
As alternative the “magento-mirror-” ( was added to the list of downloads.

If the official download url will be published we will add it n98-magerun.


  • #549 general code cleanup (by Simon Bräuer)
  • #564 Print only magento version -> sys:info command (by David Alger)
  • #572 fixes and improvements (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • #573 Improve observer list accuracy (by Peter O’Callaghan)
  • #574 reduced complexity observer list command (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • #580 reset magento root folder in N98\Magento\Application::reinit (by Claudio Kressibucher)
  • #590 Bugfix/Bash Completion on OS X (by Joey Hoer)
  • #591 Bugfix/Configuration Agnostic ZSH Completion (by Joey Hoer)
  • #593 n98-magerun.phar dev:module:create –add-all does not create setup scripts (by Michael Lühr)
  • #599 Excluding wishlist tables (by Aaron Edmonds)
  • #600 Update lookup command (by Tomas Liubinas)
  • #602 Update Travis configuration (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • #603 Feature/autoload restorer (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • #604 Fix Cookie Domain validation (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • #610 Checksum for package downloads (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • #614 Package magento-mirror- (by Achim Rosenhagen)
  • #618 CommandTester normalization of Display (by Tom Klingenberg)

Update to latest version

Please note that we changed the download path of all phar files with the last release. This means that We don’t update the phar file at github anymore.
If you are updating and fetch version 1.96.1 you should run “self-update” again.

To directly download the phar file from our server please visit


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