Released n98-magerun version 1.91.0

Published by Christian Münch on

We are happy to present you a new stable release of n98-magerun.
The new release contains many new features and some enables users of Microsoft Windows some features which was only
available for MacOS/Linux users.

Let’s see what we have changed since the last release…

Remove Admin-Users and Customers

We have two new commands to remove admin (backend) users and (frontend) customers.

Customers can be deleted by a ID range or by defining a email address.


# Will delete customer with Id 1
$> n98-magerun.phar customer:delete 1                   

# Will delete customer with that email
$> n98-magerun.phar customer:delete [email protected]    

# Will delete all customers
$> n98-magerun.phar customer:delete --all  

# Will prompt for start and end Ids for batch deletion             
$> n98-magerun.phar customer:delete --range

As analog command we have the new command to delete an admin user:

# Will delete admin user with that email (with force delete)
$> n98-magerun.phar admin:user:delete --force [email protected]

# Will delete admin user with ID "1" (with force delete)
$> n98-magerun.phar admin:user:delete --force 1
  • #370 Remove Admin Users (by Aydin Hassan)
  • #380 Customer delete command (by Michael Woodward)

Better Microsoft Windows Support

We added support for user config and n98-magerun modules.
Now you can add your own user specific config in %userprofile% folder. To make it a little bit easier we removed the leading
dot which is normal on Unix but could produce problems on Windows machines.
A system wide config is also possible under the path %windir%\n98-magerun.yaml

For an overview please refer the wiki pages:

Generate model method for magic getter/setter

We added our first command to a new command namespace “code”. The namespace is designed to add code generator command to n98-magerun.
We start with a command to generate getter/setter of models.

Before (do not use this with code models):




  • #376 New command dev:code:model:method (by Cyrill Schumacher)

Change Resource Versions

A very useful new command sys:setup:change-version allows you to set the version of a single resource setup or of all
resource setups of a module from cli.

# Set all resources (mosty is only one defined) to version 1.0.2
$> n98-magerun.phar sys:setup:change-version Acme_Module 1.0.2

# Set resource "acme_module_setup" to version 1.0.2
$> n98-magerun.phar sys:setup:change-version Acme_Module 1.0.2 acme_module_setup
  • #382 Change module version command (by Michael Woodward)

Other fixes and enhancements

  • #299 Removed header if format parameter is passed (by Christian Münch)
  • #303 Please warn instead of blocking input (by Christian Münch)
  • #315 sys:setup:run on enterprise requires admin session. (by Thorsten Essig and Christian Münch)
  • #362 db:import –optimize: Cut line in 8MB pieces (by Alexander Menk)
  • #367 Exclude sessions from @stripped (and therefore @development) (by Aaron Brady)
  • #368 Skip sys:setup:incremental’s Version Check (by Alan Storm)
  • #369 get use_rewrites/use_secure from config (Kristof Ringleff)
  • #352 Added –stop-on-error option. (by Christian Münch)
  • #372 print root warning to std_error (by Edward Rowley)
  • #373 Refactored local-config:generate command (by Rouven Rieker)
  • sys:info command: Added row count for main entities (by Christian Münch)
  • sys:setup returns exit status code “1” if setup fails (by Christian Münch)
  • Updated 3rd party components (Symfony, PHPUnit, Twig)


Please run n98-magerun.phar self-update to fetch the new version.


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