New release 1.76.0

Published by Christian Münch on

The new n98-magerun release brings four bug fixes and two new commands and many internal docblock cleanups. A big thanks goes to Dmitriy Zavalkin who creates the new commands and added missing code blocks. We love to see how the community pushes the tool every week with active bug reports and pull requests on github.

Module Dependencies

There are two new commands which investigates how modules depend on each other.

Show list of modules which given module depends on:

$ n98-magerun.phar dev:module:dependencies:on [-a|--all] moduleName

Show list of modules which depend from module:

$ n98-magerun.phar dev:module:dependencies:from [-a|--all] moduleName


Permission error some servers
We now don’t stop in every case if n98-magerun cannot read in every directory. This minimizes many permission problems.

Exported setup script with attribute uses incorrect Setup class (by Jonathan Day)
A wrong setup class was fixed.

Doesn’t run when /tmp/magento/var exists and database is not created / tables missing
On malformed databases we don’t stop execution anymore. Now we print an error message and other commands which not needs a fully initialized
Magento can work. This helps to develop sanity check commands in the future.

Error with dev:module:rewrite:conflicts
We fixed a problem if a class contains errors and could not be initialized.

Have fun with new new n98-magerun version!


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