n98-magerun2 V2.3.0 released

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Second release this week. After the M1 version, we release also a new version for Magento 2.


  • Add CE 2.2.6 and 2.1.15 (by Bono de Visser)
  • Add CE 2.1.14, 2.2.5 (by Marc)
  • Add to the stripped db dump command the dotmailer group with email sensitive data (by Calin Dumitrescu)
  • Additional enterprise-only tables missing from the table group configuration (by Matthew O’Loughlin)
  • Emulation-Mode not needed after set current area. This resolves #245 on empty cache (by Julian Wundrak)
  • Homebrew php tap is deprecated (by Anton Evers)
  • Updated docs (by kolaente)
  • Implemented option to create git friendly dumps / resolves #386 (by kolaente)
  • Update readme with dotmailer group (by Calin Dumitrescu)
  • Update README (by Daniël van der Linden)
  • Strip company_* tables for the Commerce B2B extension when using @customers (by Daniël van der Linden)
  • Update readme.rst (by Leandro F. L)
  • Fix: #377 sys:cron:run – translation is not loaded (by Christian Münch)
  • Fix: #381 Area code not set (by Christian Münch)
  • Fix: #302 Replace n98-magerun.phar witg n98-magerun2.phar Christian Münch)
  • Fix: #388 Add correct default for –add-time option (by Christian Münch)


With the next release we will try to bring compatibility to the upcoming Magento 2.3.0 version.

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