n98-magerun2 v5.2.0 is here!

Published by Christian Münch on

A new version has landed. The code name of this release is Rotterdam.

The new release contains some handy features and improvements and a bunch of fixes. Have a look in the Changelog at the end of the post for a complete list of fixes. We also fixed PHP 8.1 incompatibilities.

New Features

New dev:console functions

This handy functions are added:

  • getStoreManager
  • createProductModel
  • createCustomerModel
  • getScopeConfig
  • getEavAttributeRepository
  • getCmsBlockRepository
  • getCmsPageRepository
  • getDatabaseConnection

Type $dh-> and press double tab to see all the functions.

Also the update warning of the embedded Psy Shell is now disabled. We continuously update the dependency via Github Dependabot. So there is no purpose to distract people here.

More phar functional tests

We increased the stability by adding new functional tests for the generated phar file. This helps to reduce regressions bugs and to release broken code. Coverage is really good now, but still not 100%. We are on a good way.

config:store:get command stabilization

We fixed a bug where some values are filtered in the config:store:get command. During the refactor process we added additional validation for the scope value.

The –store-id option accepts now a code as value.


$> n98-magerun2.phar config:store:get --scope=stores --scope-id=default 'web/*'

Invalid scope values are now leading to an exception. Before we silently ignored the value which is not a good behavior.

Improved Test Setup

We started to test Mage-OS Builds in Github Actions.


  • Add: #987: more dev:console debug helper functions (by Christian Münch)
  • Add: #1000: additional phar tests (by Christian Münch)
  • Imp: #957: Exclude system_config_snapshot from stripped dumps (by Alexander Menk)
  • Imp: #1007: Upgrade compatibility list for PHP versions (by Lukasz Bajsarowicz)
  • Imp: #1008: Allow use of pipefail where supported (by Dan Wallis)
  • Imp: Change mage-os repo url and disable unstable dev build job (by Christian Münch)
  • Imp: Changed installation workflow starting with composer 2.3.7 (by Christian Münch)
  • Imp: Update 3rd party dependencies (Symfony, psysh, vfsstream, captainhook, requests lib, faker lib, phpunit, twig)
  • Fix: #993: Try to drop only existing databases (by Christian Münch)
  • Fix: #996: Customer Debug Functions in Dev Console Dev Helper (by Alexander Menk)
  • Fix: #998: Pass empty string as default value to getFileName (by Peter Jaap)
  • Fix: #1015: deprecated: passing null to dirname (by Alexander Menk)
  • Fix: #1019: type error in cache-list command on php 8.1 (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • Fix: #1024: config:store:get wrong filters applied (by Alexander Dite)


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