n98-magerun v1.103.2 released / Composer Package Update

Published by Christian Münch on


  • Imp: Change config init to Magento’s reinit function (by Thomas Wiringa)
  • Fix: Cache clean won’t work if database user is wrong (reprted by Izzulmakin, #1046)
  • Fix: Wildcards in db:dump strip option (by Dan Wallis,#1042)
  • Fix: invalid composer package name (by Christian Münch, #1043)

Composer Package Update

We published a new composer package which allows to install the phar distribution via Composer. The package has no required packages. The only dependency is PHP >= 5.6.

This will help you to prevent dependency problems.

Please note! The old n98/magerun composer package is not officially supported. Use the phar file or the dist package to run n98-magerun.

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