n98-magerun 1/2 Release Bundle

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We are happy to announce two new n98-magerun releases. It is the first time we release both Versions at once.
Both versions contain new features and a ton of bug fixes. With the future releases we try to mainline the code of both repositories. Our “gatekeeper” Tom Klingenberg is responsible for this.

Changelog n98-magerun1 (Version 1.98.0)

  • Fix: Borken image Bitdeli.com badge in readme (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • Fix: Check Suhosin phar support (report by Decorate, fix by Tom Klingenberg, #926)
  • Fix: File hash is optional in package.xml (report by Viktor Szépe, fix by Tom Klingenberg, #927)
  • Fix: Show full path for phpstorm autocompletion folder (by Carlos Reynosa, #922)
  • Fix: Enterprise Edition detection / enabling commands (report by Luke Rodgers, fix by Tom Klingenberg, #902)
  • Fix: Nonexistent class reference in config (by Tom Klingenberg)(by Chris Potter, #909)
  • Fix: File integrity checking guide (by Max Chadwick, #896)
  • Fix: Prevent sys:setup:run from ending script (report by Tjerk Ameel, #895)
  • Fix: Updates script command to have non-zero exit code
  • Fix: Remove duplicate entry in config.yaml (by Alexander Menk, #914)
  • Fix: Restore historic packages for install command (by Tom Klingenberg)
  • Fix: Compatibility for installed Symfony 3 components (by Christian Münch)
  • Fix: Update readme (by Goose)
  • New: Add package magento-mirror- (by Peter O’Callaghan, #894)
  • New: Add current Magento version (by Jonas Hüning, #920)
  • New: Add current Magento version (by Will-B, #930)
  • New: Check Suhosin phar support (by Tom Klingenberg, #926)
  • New: New commands to clear media and css cache (by Christian Münch, #932)
  • New: Streamlining of N98-Magerun1 and N98-Magerun2 (by Tom Klingenberg)

New Commands

media:cache:image:clear -> Clears image cache
media:cache:jscss:clear  -> Clears JS/CSS cache

Changelog n98-magerun2 (Version 1.6.0)

  • Feature: Add Magento Open Source Edition 2.1.8 (by Alexander Menk)
  • Feature: App state injection support in sys:check command (by Manuel Schmid / Christian Münch)
  • Feature: Improve db:dump command (by Scott Buchanan, #303 #304)
  • Fix: GMT timestamps for Magento 2.2.0 (by Tom Klingenberg, #296)
  • Fix: Typo in install command (by Tom Klingenberg / Tim Neutken, #297)
  • Fix: Typo in readme (Chris Orlando, #301)

Area Code Injection for sys:check

It is now possible to have check commands for different app areas. Before the change all checks was running in “adminhtml” area. Sometimes we need a check for e.g. the frontend or other areas. This is now possible. The commands are now running in area context.

To define a specific area in your check you must implement the new \N98\Magento\Framework\AreaAware interface.
The interface contain only a method which returns the name of the area.

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