MageRun Addons by Peter Jaap Blaakmeer

This article is part of a series covering 3rd party n98-magerun modules/extensions.

In this post we cover a 3rd party n98-magerun module created by Peter Jaap Blaakmeer which adds some new commands to your list.


You need to install the files in your n98-magerun module folder.


After the installation you should see this new commands:

  • media:sync
  • sys:store:config:base-url:set
  • customer:clean-taxvat
  • dev:events:fire
  • extension:translations
  • extension:disable
  • extension:enable

Media Sync

The media sync command lets you sync the media folder over SSH or FTP.
Please note that you require rsync for SSH mode and ncftpget for FTP mode.
The SSH/FTP credentials can be configured in app/etc/local.xml configuration file.

After that you can start your media sync with a simple call.

For more informations refer the README on the github page:

Set Base-URLs

This is the counterpart to the sys:store:config:base-url:list command.
Now it’s easy to select a store and set the base-url.

Clean up customers’ taxvat fields

This command is was designed for store owners to cleanup the entered Tax/VAT numbers.
It normalizes the numbers and removes wrong country prefixes.

Dispatch/fire a Magento event

A dev command which is very useful to test an observer. It offers you a select with 336 options!
Select your event and enter additional parameters. If an observer needs a complexer value (not only a scalar values)
it’s possible to load a model by a special syntax “Mage_Catalog_Model_Product:1337”.

To save time you can pass all parameters from command line.

Find translations

This command lets you choose a language and a extension. The it searchs for translatable strings.

Enable/Disable Extensions

In the last n98-magerun 1.93.0 we added commands to enabled/disable modules. This is done by changing the app/etc/modules XML files.
This commands do the same in a different way. It renames the module file itself and appends “.disabled”.


I really like the extension:translate command which safes much time if you create a new shop.
Also the dev:fire:event command helps me as developer to work more efficiently.
Thanks Peter for this great addon.