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Downloads all… Magento source, composer, …


Brandon Tamm · May 23, 2016 at 18:59

Hi Christian – Magento2 claims in their blog that they are working with you for their CLI tool, but that it is only 35% complete. db:dump && db:import && media:export are key tools in my workflow that seem to be missing in Magento 2 CLI. Do you have an expected date for them to release that portion of the CLI?

Is it recommended to install magerun for the time being to complete my workflow? How would one go about installing Magento 2 with magerun? Is it as simple as downloading just a composer.json file for Magento 2, adding your project as dependency and using composer to install?


    Christian Münch · May 25, 2016 at 23:53

    Hello Brandon,

    the blog article is from last year. At this time we had the plan to port all n98-magerun1 command to n98-magerun2.
    During the development we recognized that Magento will deliver some of our commands bundled with Magento 2.
    All Magento 2 cli commands can be called by n98-magerun2.
    The db:dump, db:import commands are already ported.
    The media:export command is currently missing.
    We recommend the usage of the phar file.
    You can download the current version here:



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