New release 1.75.0

A new n98-magerun release spreads the world.
Here are some details about the new release:

Internal Symfony packages updated

The Symfony compontents i.e. the embedded Console component are all updated to current release 2.3.3.
The console component comes with a new table helper. We replaced all internal calls to our table helper to
the new native helper.

If you like to see how the table helper works, you will find a good overview in Symfony Blog

Warning if running as root

We decided to show you a warning if you run n98-magerun as root user. This can cause permission problems in combination with a different web user like “www-data” i.e. if you run a reindex and no “lock” file for a process exists in the “var/locks” folder.

Easy multi reindex

A new feature for the “index:reindex” command is available. If you like to reindex not only one index it’s now possible to specify multiple indexer with comma seperated codes from the command line.


It’s also possible to specify it from menu if no code was passed over the command line.

Easy admin login

The open-browser command can now open the Admin-Login-Page.


Bugfixes and minor changes

  • Issue #116 – Added “report_compared_product_index” and “report_viewed_*” tables to “log” group
  • Fixed issue #164 – dev:ide:phpstorm:meta debug mode isn’t enough verbose to detect where the problem is
  • Fixed issue #187 – Cache flush is not compatible with older versions of Enterprise

I hope you like the new release.
If you find any problems, please create an issue on Github.

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